Our purpose is to develop a long-term environmental policy focused on air-quality, energy and water conservation & minimization of waste by integrating sound and efficient environment protection principles into the Company’s operations and to use quantitative KPIs to measure and maximize improvements and efficiencies.

In each country, we ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulatory controls and site specific environmental policies. In addition, we collaborate with our clients in implementing best practice approaches to protect natural resources.

We currently focus on 2 mains sources of environmental impact that are particularly relevant to our activity : Green Houses Gas (GHG) emissions and Water use.

Green House Gas Emissions

Water use

Green House Gas Emissions

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Green House Gas Emissions :


We believe the World must pursue the objectives of limiting climate change through reductions in Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Our purpose is to implement a Clean & Healthy Air policy for our employees, families and communities by tracing, managing and reducing Greenhouse Gas emission.

Water use

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Water Use :

As water specialists, we exercise a highly responsible operational water management and monitoring; we constantly identify opportunities for reducing water use and we recycle/reuse water wherever possible in our operations around the World.

We are helping local communities to drill water wells in certain countries and help them to get a safe and sustainable access to clean water.