Relevant and effective HSSE (Health Safety, Security and Environment) workplace procedures, training and controls are in place to ensure a safe working environment. These are constantly monitored for effectiveness and enhanced where necessary. HSSE plans cover the full spectrum of the Company’s activities from the offices, workshops and on to our jobsites worldwide.
We do not compromise on health and safety of our employees and we are committed to develop with our clients an incident free workplace policy. We have strong standards, processes, training courses and tools embedded in our “Safety at Work Policy” to protect the health and safety of our employees. Our Safety Statistics are monitored in real time at all Company levels and presented and discussed at each the Corporate Governance Committee in order to assess and reduce continuously the potential risks and improve our performances.
Our employee are entitled to fair treatment, courtesy and respect wherever they are working in offices or on sites. We do not tolerate any form of abuse or harassment. We have a whistleblower procedure in place to allow any employee to report any incident to the Compliance Officer. All reports are treated confidentially. This system is proactively communicated to all employees.

FORACO believes that to achieve long-term success, we require talented, diverse and inclusive teams. Our recruitment and workforce development policies are based on qualification, skills, experience, attitude and performance.

FORACO does not tolerate child labor, forced labor or human trafficking in any country.
We are working only with clients who respect human rights and uphold labor laws.

We are hiring within local communities by fostering local training and skills development wherever possible. We are committed to avoid local community disruption.

We are used to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with the Indigenous communities in the territories of which we operate, mostly under
joint venture partnerships that are central to our operations organization.